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 Chart setup

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PostSubject: Chart setup   Tue Sep 30, 2008 5:44 pm

Hey guys i'm new to the site and was wondering if you could possibly help me set up my chart better.

I am a fairly new to investing (2years) and swing trading(8months), but just started using technical indicators besides candlesticks for about 8 months.
I'm a senior and finance major at Loyola College.

The Indicators that I look at on a chart are:
Slow Stochastic 14,3
CCI 20
10 SMA and 30 EMA (to see if a stock is in up/down trend)... i'll also check and see where the 200MA is at.
and I look at the RSI 14.

Now I don't think that this chart setup is the best way that it can be, even though it has been extremely helpful for me getting in and out of positions(better than just randomly guessing). I like to swing trade being in a position no more
than 4 weeks or when my signals tell me to enter/exit. Do you guys have any suggestions to tweak
my indicators ie. use different numbers for the stochastic/cci/ma or rsi. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.
Are there certain numbers you would input if you wanted to weekly/monthly trade?

*I lurked on the onlinetradersforum and found WSE and Aiki extremely helpful in me learning. I don't go on there anymore as i feel its shit, no one is helpful or has anything to add. That is why I came here to ask for your help.

**Do you guys know of any brokerage to use besides Scottrade that would allow someone to short sell/use options, if the account holder does not have a job. The account I trade with is over the $25,000 on Scottrade.

I just did a backtest with a 6month chart of RIO and the CCI indicator combined with slow stochastics gave off great results.
I tried to post the chart but it won't work sorry.... Looking forward to hearing your guys' input.
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PostSubject: Re: Chart setup   Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:52 am

welcome to the boards!

there are a ton of different indicators and tweaks that you can optimize based on your trading style..

do you prefer playing uptrends and downtrends, riding momentum or playing reversals?

the 4-week hold notion, is that something you want to stick to or do you want to look for trades where you can be in and out in 2-days to 2-weeks
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PostSubject: hey   Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:41 pm

I went to review a bunch of my trades and after reviewing them they typically only last on average 1day to 2weeks..

I like all different plays... triangles, trends, reversals...

Today I wanted to buy SOLF at 10.70 with a stop loss at 9.59. What do you guys thinks.
I was unable to do so because I do not have enough insufficient funds. Hopefully it does not pop until my funds settle!

If it breaks its resistance should have a pop tp $13. Does this sound like good analysis to you
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PostSubject: Re: Chart setup   Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:27 pm

you can always try adjusting your rsi which will give you more buy/sell opportunities but can also give you a lot of whipsaws if you dont trade candlesticks properly

some others you might want to look at are williams %r, cci, aroon

using zig zags are good if you have good discipline, they give you good/bad signals 50% of the time but if you trade properly with good discipline, the good outweigh the bad BY FAR
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PostSubject: Re: Chart setup   

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Chart setup
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