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 China $586b Stimulus

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PostSubject: China $586b Stimulus   Sun Nov 09, 2008 8:45 pm

Just thought I'd post a good list of Chinese stocks I saw posted on another board.

*stars* are the quality ones

*BIDU* - China search engine
CAAS - China Automotive
*CAEI* - China Infrastructure
CAST - China Education
SOHU - China games
*NTES* - China games
SINA - China games
CBAK - China batteries
CDS - China mall
CHINA - China software
CHNR - China commodities
APWR - China Alt Energy
CLWT - China water purification
CNTF - China handset
CPSL - China steel
CTDC - China Solar
JASO - China Solar
CSUN - China Solar
*LDK* - China Solar
CTEL - China telecommunications
HOGS - China meat
*FEED* - China Pork
FFHL - China Plastics
EFUT - China software
*FMCN* - China digital advertising
FTEK - China alternative energy
*FUQI* - China Jewerly
*GIGM* - China gaming
*MPEL* - Macau pure play
GRRF - China telecommunication
*GSI* - China Steel
*GSOL* - China business to business
*HMIN* - China hotel
CTRP - China travel
JADE - China jewerly
JRJC - China finance (stock market)
KONG - China wireless ads
LONG - China travel
*NED* - China education
NINE - China software
NOEC - China alternative
ORS - China handset
SCON - China semiconductor
*SDTH* - China fertilizer
SEED - China ag
SINO - China shipper
SORL - China autoparts
SSRX - China biotech
STV - China set top boxes
TSTC - China telecommunication
XFML - China digital ads/tv
XING - China handsets
YTEC - China banking
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PostSubject: Re: China $586b Stimulus   Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:11 am

Aiki14 likes to perform insider trading... lots of evidence going back over 8 years saved, printed, and duplicated. Do not trust.
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PostSubject: Re: China $586b Stimulus   Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:24 pm

Kenneth Thom=WSE=kthomllc=con man=fraud=097761441
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PostSubject: Re: China $586b Stimulus   

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China $586b Stimulus
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