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 Fulfilling promises

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PostSubject: Fulfilling promises   Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:27 am

For selling property, study of the market trends and a close look at the prevailing rates is necessary to get the best out of the property. Haste in selling may result in depreciating the value of the property sold and a good amount of profit to the buyer. Now as an owner, it is mandatory that you run a check on the background of the buyer to make sure that the property is going in the right hands and safety of future. All said and done, for investment purposes, property can be safely regarded as the wisest form of investment. For all those interested in property investment the Builders in India are out there offering every category of property. For people with limited resources, property is only an investment to provide a cover for the head. If one is looking for a roof over the head or a place to do business, loan is a good option. It is helpful, easy as well as saves a lot from the income tax department.

If a roof over the head is the only interest then one does not have to own a property of his own. You can always explore renting a place and there is no requirement to buy it outright. This is the middle path that a majority of people today are adopting. Renting is considered by many as the easier and cheaper way of living while saving for buying later. There are issues though. When you are a tenant in a property you will not enjoy the rights of ownership and cannot actively participate in decisions taken by the society, unless the landlord legally hands over such rights to you. If a property is being given on lease, then there is a legal agreement between the owner of the property and the person to whom it is being leased. All the terms and conditions like the amount to be paid by the leaser, the handling of the property, maintenance of the property, liabilities, security deposit etc are pre decided and mentioned in the agreement. It is imperative that the two parties involved sign it in front of witnesses.
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Fulfilling promises
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